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Robert Kerns is a musician and sound engineer located in Southern Oregon, USA.  He has been playing guitar for over 35 years, and has been recording for most of that time.  Although his roots are in Rock and Roll, he can cover a wide range of musical styles and is constantly learning new things.

Robert offers his service as a musician, recording and mix engineer for any projects.  If you would like to find out more about this, please fill out the contact form to send an email.

Priest Show in the Valley - My Birthday Too








eDeath Machine

  1. Camera Whores eDeath Machine 3:11
  2. Too Many Things eDeath Machine 4:14
  3. Amogwai Crystals eDeath Machine 4:25
  4. Hot Snow eDeath Machine 5:20
  5. True Absolution eDeath Machine 5:33
  6. A New Breed of Matter eDeath Machine 4:29
  7. Meditation Hangover eDeath Machine 5:04
  8. Wicked Jane eDeath Machine 5:36
  9. Dawn Of the Fire eDeath Machine 4:52
  10. Bleeding Moment eDeath Machine 5:27
  11. Broken Gun eDeath Machine 4:38
  12. Reckless Verdict eDeath Machine 4:11

Master Peace Theater

  1. Pacific Spirit Robert Kerns 3:43
  2. Jet Fueled Rain Robert Kerns 4:58

Trembling Fingers

  1. Trembling Fingers Robert Kerns
  2. I Like the Way Robert Kerns
  3. Break It Robert Kerns
  4. Blues Horse Robert Kerns
  5. Rare Earth Robert Kerns
  6. Empty Room Robert Kerns
  7. Ice Scream Robert Kerns
  8. My Religion Robert Kerns
  9. Emerald Eyes Robert Kerns
  10. Synonyms Robert Kerns
  11. Wake Up and Dream Robert Kerns
  12. Tears 4 Wine Robert Kerns

Classical Ramblings

  1. Estudios Sencillos 1 Robert Kerns-Leo Brouwer
  2. Estudios Sencillos 2 Robert Kerns-Leo Brouwer
  3. Estudios Sencillos 6 Robert Kerns-Leo Brouwer 1:27

Black Dove

  1. Neon Love Black Dove
  2. Take Me Home Black Dove
  3. Into the Night Black Dove
  4. Maybe Vicious Black Dove
  5. Psychotic Reaction Black Dove

Classic Covers

  1. Thank You Led Zeppelin - Robert Kerns
  2. Wishing Well Free - Robert Kerns
  3. Fool in the Rain Led Zeppelin - Robert Kerns
  4. Shapes of Things Yardbirds - Robert Kerns

Instru Mental

  1. Strat and AC30 Robert Kerns
  2. Wall of Fuzz Robert Kerns
  3. Bluse Rock Jam Robert Kerns
  4. Fuzzy Logic Robert Kerns
  5. Black Velvet Loud Robert Kerns

Truly Needy and the Truly Greedy

This is a song I wrote with Scott Gray way back in the 1990s and unfortunately it’s probably more true today than it was even then. I’m sure the billionaires in power will soon change all that though!

eDeath Machine

eDeath Machine

In the playlist to the left you will find the early candidates for my first release of completely electronic music. No guitars were tortured for this project, which is a real stretch for me.

Blacke Dove

Black Dove Neon Love

This is Black Dove from 1988 or 89 performing their original song, Neon Love at Goodies in Fullerton, CA.  The band members included: Marc Pugh – Guitar Dean Pugh – Bass John Steber – Vocals and Keys Robert Kerns – Guitar and Vocals Kevin Buttner –...

X50 vs Amplitube

These two demos show the TSE Audio X50 guitar amplifier sim compared to the same track using Amplitube 4.

Trembling Fingers Revisited

Trembling Fingers Revisited

Just had to redo a couple of songs from a previous project, mostly because I’ve acquired a few new pieces of gear since I originally recorded them.

Jet Fueled Rain

Jet Fueled Rain This is the second track from my new instrumental album, tentatively titled Master Peace Theater.  Jet Fueled Rain is another exploration in melody and song structure, this time with a bit different feel than the last piece.....

Master Peace Theater

Pacific Spirit Pacific Spirit is the first track from my new instrumental release, Master Peace Theater, which I am currently recording.  Instead of just jamming along and improvising over a chord progression, I'm trying to spend a bit more time working on melodies...
Mixbus Track Pane

SONAR vs Harrison Mixbus 32C

Do DAW's Sound Different? I've been a long time user of Cakewalk Music software for my main DAW, going all the way back to the 1990s and Cakewalk Pro Audio 5.  While experimenting with other DAWs over the years, I've always come back to Cakewalk due in part to my...

Mr Anderson

I've been dreaming of getting a Tom Anderson guitar ever since I first starting using Tom's pickups in the late 80s, and that dream has finally come true.  I found it in the For Sale section on the Fractal Audio Forum and had to make an offer.  It had specs so close...

Black Dove – Black Cat Bone

Another video of Black Dove from 1988 or 89 performing their original song, Black Cat Bone at Goodies in Fullerton, CA.

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