1. Camera Whores eDeath Machine 3:11
  2. Too Many Things eDeath Machine 4:14
  3. Amogwai Crystals eDeath Machine 4:25
  4. Hot Snow eDeath Machine 5:20
  5. True Absolution eDeath Machine 5:33
  6. A New Breed of Matter eDeath Machine 4:29
  7. Meditation Hangover eDeath Machine 5:04
  8. Wicked Jane eDeath Machine 5:36
  9. Dawn Of the Fire eDeath Machine 4:52
  10. Bleeding Moment eDeath Machine 5:27
  11. Broken Gun eDeath Machine 4:38
  12. Reckless Verdict eDeath Machine 4:11

What To Do in Klamath Falls?

In case any of my friends are wondering what I’ve been up to since moving back to my old home town of Klamath Falls, Oregon, here is your first big clue:  Making music and exploring new ground.  I’ve long enjoyed using a variety of electronic sounds to spice up my music, and only recently I have started to make further exploration into the realms of Electronic Music, under my pseudonym eDeath Machine.

In the playlist to the left you will find the early candidates for my first release of completely electronic music.  No guitars were tortured for this project, which is a real stretch for me.

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