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I have been recording for over 30 years, beginning as a teenager with a 4-track cassette and progressing to the computer age. I strive to stay up to date with the latest technology of DAW and plugin effects and synthesizers.  Making the leap into working with computers has expanded my own music considerably, and I have the tools and ears to handle most any project.

The gear listed here is just a general overview of some of my favorites, and my collection is growing due to my GAS.

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Have a project that needs the ears of experience to mixdown for you? I have an arsenal of top plugins and the experience necessary to get the most from them. I’ve never had client who wasn’t satisfied with the results. I have the following formats that I can take on projects files directly for:

  • Cakewalk SONAR
  • Reaper
  • Studio One

If you use any other programs as you DAW of choice, I can still do the mix.  Simply export your tracks as Wave files or Stems and I can import them into my DAW and do the magic.

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Music for Podcasts and Videos

I have recorded music for Podcasts and Video Projects, and can do a wide variety of styles. I have an arsenal of software instruments and my experience as a musician and engineer/producer shows through. I can find the sound you need to enhance your project.  For an example of some of the Podcast music I have done, go to Mark J Peterson’s website.

And of course hit the videos page to check out some of the videos I’ve done, including the game trailer for Just Cause 3.

Fill out the contact form and let me know what type of sounds you are looking for.

Guitar Tracks

Have a song in need of some serious guitar playing. Send it my way and I’ll let my fingers do the talking. With over 35 years of playing experience in a variety of styles I can fit most any needs. Very strong in rock and metal, I have also has been expanding my horizons playing classical the last few years.

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Guitar Lessons

With over 35 years of playing experience I can provide guitar lessons focusing on building solid fundamental playing habits. I teach not to just play guitar, but to focus on music theory and reading skills as well. These days it’s easy to just watch a video on YouTube and learn a song on the guitar, but I feel that it’s important to learn sound concepts in music theory.

Fill out the contact form if you want to learn to create your own sound as well as play guitar.

Sample of the Arsenal

  • StudioCat DAW
  • RME FireFace 400
  • UAD LA-610 Mk II Preamp
  • Warm Audio Tone Beast
  • Warm Audio WA76
  • Adam F& Monitors
  • Axon AX50
  • Shure KSM44
  • Shure SM7B
  • Rode NTK
  • Various Dynamic Mics
  • And Much More…
  • Studio One 3
  • Cakewalk SONAR Platinum
  • Reaper
  • Slate Everything Bundle
  • Spectrasonics
  • Native Instruments
  • FXpansion
  • MTotalBundle
  • Addictive Drums 2
  • ToonTrack
  • FabFilter
  • And Many More…
  • Guitars
    • Tom Anderson Drop Top
    • Warmoth Strats
    • Brian Moore i88.13
    • Ibanez V (for the Brootalz)
    • Gibson SG
    • Godin Multiac
    • Cordoba Solista
    • Takamine Acoustic
    • 5-String Schecter Bass
  • Mesa TC50
  • Fractal Audio Systems FX7
  • DV Mark Neo Classic 4×12
  • Port City OS 1×12
  • Suhr 1×12 w/WGS Retro 30

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