Every now and then I have to redo an old song.  Maybe because I feel that my first version didn’t quite nail it; maybe it’s because I like the song and want to take another stab at it.  More often than not it’s because I have new studio toys that I want to experiment with and just want to see if I can make things sound better than the old way I did it.

Here are a couple of songs that I released a couple of years back that I just felt like doing again.  These were both released as a collection called Trembling Fingers in 2015, and I really just wanted to experiment with some gear I’ve picked up since then and see how it sounds.  First up is the Title Cut:

Trembling Fingers


I Like The Way


The Pepsi Challenge

The twenty dollar question here is… which one of these tracks uses real amps and which one is just a life-like computer simulation?


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