Trembling Fingers X50

by Robert Kerns | The Sims are Here

About the TSE Audio X50

TSE Audio X50

The first audio was recording using the TSE Audio X50 Amplifier simulation software.  This one is geared for rock and metal styles and it excels in the heavy stuff.

This is a fairly straight-forward amp sim that features two amp models a few stomp pedals, a handful of rack effects, and a plethora of cabinet IRs, plus the capability to load any third party IRs you may have.  This is the key to getting this thing to sound good.  With so many available, it can take time to audition them, but it is well worth the effort.

Trembling Fingers Amplitube

by Robert Kerns | The Sims are Here

About Amplitube 4

Amplitube 4

IK Mutimedia’s Amplitube is one of the most popular amp sims out there, and if you splurge and get the full setup, it possibly offers the most options when it comes to available amps, stomps, and effects.

This track was done with two tracks on each side, with two different amp sims on each track for rhythm guitars, and a nice Soldano patch for the lead.  While Amplitube has a lot to choose from, it can be quite easy to find yourself lost in all those options and if you are so inclined it could be the ultimate guitar sim tweak-fest.

About the EVH 5150 III 50w

EVH 5150 III 50w

Of course no digital amp sim comparison is complete without a version with a real amp!  I used my EVH 5150 III for all of the  guitars on this version.  I used the red channel with three mics on my two Port City cabs going through my Fractal Audio FX8 for FX/EQ tuning.:

  • Sennheiser e609 on one speaker of my Port CIty 2×12 with WGS Speakers
  • Audix i5 on the other speaker of my Port CIty 2×12 with WGS Speakers
  • NOS Panther Active ribbon on my 1×12 Port City loaded with a Scumback J75 speaker

What do you think, do the amp sims compare to the 5150 favorably?

About the Boss Katana 100w Head

Boss Katana Head

So, I picked up another amp and decided to add it to the mix.  It’s a Boss Katana 100 watt head.  They are going for a measly $349 a pop, so I picked up the amp and the matching GA-FC foot switch, mostly so I’d have a quick grab and go setup to use with my 1×12 cab.   To top it off, I was able to snag it at a 15% discount, so this is the least expensive 100w head I think I’ve ever owned.

The head features four programmable channels with built-in effects available.  At the time of this recording I have only had it for about 3 1/2 hours, and that was time spent dialing in the four channels to my liking (or at least my first attempt) as well as time spent recording these guitar tracks.  I also had spent a little time dialing in my Fractal Audio FX8 for use with the amp.

There are two performances of rhythm guitar and one of leads.  I used two variations of the brown channel with three mics on my Port City 2×12 cab, one patch made for rhythm guitars, and the other for lead guitars.:  All tracks were recorded on the 0.5 watt setting with the master volume at less than half as well, so it was a fairly reasonable volume for recording. I’m looking forward to cranking this thing up a bit to hear what it really sounds like.


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